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Pasiton Entertainment is the film and video production arm associated with Keene Studios.


Pasiton Entertainment is a Video Production company that has been steadily expanding its reach over the last couple of years. 

We are proud to announce our most recent project, the documentary feature THE EPIC MILE!  Click below to view the trailer:

The Epic Mile

Pasiton Entertainment and producer Step Rowe have partnered with non-profit VETCONNECT.US to create a unique and impactful story around Navy Veteran Zack Starr's hike 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Screenings are set for Spring 2016.


Our last film, TEDESKY, a crime-thriller short, was accepted into several film festivals and grew our audience and experience.



Husband and wife team Bill and Step Rowe started producing actor demo reels and video tours for small local companies.  In October of 2010, they focused on web commercials or capstone videos for businesses looking to provide a quick, but thorough, snapshot of their services in conjucntion with their current online presence to prospective and current customers.  They offered affordable video productions in an one-stop-shop.   Scripting, voice-over work, camera work, editing, on-camera talent and the final production were all provided.



Thanks again for the outstanding job on these videos.  Please let me know when you need a testimonial for your web site   - Neurosensory Centers of America


Looks great, thank you very much!!! - Explore USA RV Supercenter

You have seen 210 hits on your video in the first few short days it has been up.  Looks like it is doing what we wanted -- Lonesome Dove River Inn, Wimberley, TX

     ---I LOVE the video. Just watched it and it really makes me want to come out there. The video guy did a great job! -- Spring Branch RV Center



We have also produced multiple demos reels for many of the actors that have been and are currently working with Keene Studios.   Many of the these demo reels are currently available on this site under the Students Tab - Adult and Kid's Rosters.  If you are interested in having a demo reel made, please email us for an estimate.


Check out Step's Demo Reel for an example of our Demo Reel work.



 Below are some examples of video/web commercials currently being used by our clients.


Lonesome Dove River Inn

Spring Branch RV Center




More examples are available on request or visit the links above for the businesses we have worked with to view on their sites.
For more information on video productions as well as pricing please contact Bill with Pasiton Entertainment at 830-643-4684 or by email.