Acting Class Expectations


Keene Studios is a South Central Texas art studio specializing in on-camera acting classes in the San Antonio area.  Founded by veteran actress, producer, director, writer and acting coach Step Rowe, Keene Studios prides itself on being a cumulative program that enriches students with the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to succeed.

We believe that like any other craft — music, sports, singing, art, etc. — acting is a skill that must be continually practiced and honed. This is why we encourage all students to study year-round if they are able.


All Keene Studios acting classes are small group class environments. Students are worked with one-on-one in front of the group. All students are held to a standard of expectations out of respect for the class, the instructor, and their fellow students. 

  • Tapping into deep emotions is key to our acting technique. Students must be/become comfortable with sharing personal details of their lives with the instructor. If you do not feel comfortable sharing details in front of the group, please let the instructor know and speak with them privately before or after class. 
  • Students are expected to value and respect the time the instructor spends with other students while not in the hot seat. Even when it is not your turn, there is always something to be learned.
  • Cell phones are NOT to be used in the performance area. Please have them turned off or silent during class. 
  • Arrive promptly or early to class, giving yourself time to wind down from the day so you can put your full focus into class. 
  • Take notes during your critique and others'. 
  • Always come prepared with pen/pencil, paper, and printed copies of your scene. It is also smart to carry a folder with extra scenes just in case. 
  • Student feedback - If you have thoughts, questions, or concerns about class please email Lisa at