Audition Tips for Battling Nerves pt 3

The most challenging lesson in how to battle nerves in auditioning or performance.  This lesson goes into the necessity for preparation, as well as connection to true purpose.

Audition Tips for Nerves

Find yourself battling shaking hands? Face twitching?  Excessive sweating?  Deciding to cancel?  This video is part 2 in a series of videos to help performers deal with performance stress.

Audition Tips for Nervous Performers

Part 1.  Facts about auditions that help to alleviate nervousness.  The basis of healthy thought processes regarding being evaluated.  Lessons from the trail.

Online Episode From Founder & Instructor, Step Rowe

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Dora Madison

Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Friday Night Lights, Dexter, NCIS: New Orleans, Everybody Wants Some, The Lying Game

"Step Rowe is the only acting coach I've ever had. Her unique blend of Chubbuck, Meisner, and personal insight cuts to the heart of human objective in every scene. Step inspired me to be rather than perform. Without her I don't believe I would have booked my breakout role on Friday Night Lights." 


Chad Brannon

General Hospital, Friday Night Lights, official voiceover actor for The History Channel

"I've known Step a long time! Her dedication to her students and to the craft of acting is unparalleled. She is her student's greatest advocate in the entertainment industry, in life and in the classroom."




Sonia Azad

Emmy Award Winning Journalist - ABC News

"Step saw a spark in me at a time when few others did. She invested time, effort and energy into my raw talent -- transforming my abilities into something bigger and brighter."



Brandi Blevins

"It only took one class for me to know that Step and CONEXUS was "it" for me.  That was over 10 years ago.  I always tell new students that working with Step is not for the faint of heart.  You have to be willing to dig deep, to face things you don't want to face, to be honest with yourself.  It's not easy, but it's so worth it.  When you can be emotionally open, to allow yourself to be vulnerable, the characters you play will be so rich, genuine and real.  You will experience the joy of truly connecting."




Andrew Cheney

Beyond the Mask, Seasons of Gray

"I studied at Keene Studios throughout most of the time in Austin and grew immensely as an actor and as a person. Step challenged me to truly personalize the material with great specificity and it impacts my work to this day."


Lisa Salinas Sosa

"After trying many different acting classes and techniques, and not finding what I was looking for, I finally found it with Step.  She guides you through the process of the CONEXUS technique by helping you connect with the dialogue so deeply that your audition/performance is unique to you.  Although I was sure of myself as an actor, I never felt confident in the audition process.  And this is what we all need to get through in order to book the part.  After several sessions with Step, I finally found the confidence that I was lacking.  I am more self-assured in my acting and in my life!"




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