"Step Rowe is the only acting coach I've ever had. Her unique blend of technique (Conexus) and personal insight cuts to the heart of human objective in every scene. Step inspired me to be rather than perform. Without her I don't believe I would have booked my breakout role on Friday Night Lights. Step finds the humanity in every character especially the crazy ones. I'm forever grateful for her mentorship and guidance because she took a "cute girl" and gave me the tools to become a real actress."

 Dora Madison Burge  (Friday Night Lights Star, Dexter Co-Star, Chicago Fire Star)



"You have been a huge inspiration to me! I have learned so much from you, and I cannot describe how much the knowledge has helped me with my career. Every single time I act I use the lessons I learned from you. I wouldn't be one tenth of the actor that I am today if it were not for you being a part of my life. Not only are you an awesome acting coach; you're an awesome person too. You taught me to take risks, use my instincts, and to not be afraid. Those things didn't just help me as an actor. They helped me as a person. Acting was always something I liked to do, but you showed me it is something I love to do, and now I can't stop doing it! Thank you so much for being in my life! I absolutely love you!"

Noell Coet (The Runaways Star, Switched at Birth co-Star, Mischief Night Star)



"Step saw a spark in me at a time when few others did. She invested time, effort and energy into my raw talent -- transforming my abilities into something bigger and brighter. I have her to thank, in large part, for believing in me and perhaps most importantly, helping me to believe in myself. In many ways, her guidance continues to help me in my career both as a television news reporter and a yoga instructor."

Sonia Azad  (Emmy Award winning journalist - ABC News)

Yoga Alliance- instructor


"I've known Step a long time! Her dedication to her students and to the craft of acting is unparalleled. She is her student's greatest advocate in the entertainment industry, in life and in the classroom. She truly is an artist with creativity coming out of every pore!"

Chad Brannon

(Emmy Award winning actor - Voice of The History Channel, The Tragedy of JFK (The Blank Theatre, Los Angeles), Friday Night Lights' "Lucas Mize", General Hospital) 




"I studied at Keene Studios throughout most of the time in Austin and grew immensely as an actor and as a person. Step challenged me to truly personalize the material with great specificity and it impacts my work to this day. Step has a sweet, kind spirit and a wonderful way of sharing her experience and knowledge in a way that is tailored to the individual students. She has a huge heart for her students and is well worth the investment."

Andrew Cheney

(Beyond the Mask Star,  Seasons of Grey Star) 



"Workshops are cool, usually you get an overwhelming amount of information that takes weeks to process and use in, real life. Saturday, a few lucky classmates, and, I spent the day with the vivacious, Step Rowe, learning the techniques of, Conexus Acting. I am surprised at how many tools I was able to immediately, put to work! So, today, in my audition I felt amazingly calm as I looked at the sides that were given me. Step, I found the connection, and confidently, told my story. Thanks for a great workshop. Looking forward to not only getting better at Conexus, but keeping in touch with you! And my classmates!"

- Victor

"I can't thank you enough for preparing me for the role. The director gave me some very good compliments on the realism of my performance. He also gave me more lines. I'm grateful and look forward to our next lesson."

- Jesse

"Step, thank you sooooo much. I wish I had found you years ago! As an actor I feel like I finally have a road map that can guide me through any performance and to have you teaching me how to use this road map means the world to me. Thanks again."

- Elijah

"I had my first film audition today since your workshop. The lines seem so much easier than before and I am actually excited. A little nervous but more focused on what direction to approach this role. Thanks again for your work with me!"

- Dana

"About the workshop, taking a line from our lines, thanks to you, I do 'feel inspired.' You're a wonderful teacher. I've been taking classes for many years but your workshop offered a bit of a different take on the acting process that I found to be very helpful. In fact, I used something from the class for a monologue for another class I take on a regular basis. The teacher said it was the best monologue he had seen me give!"

- Angela

"And when I say thank you for everything--I mean quite a bit. You're not only a brilliant acting coach but a spectacular actress and a truly beautiful person. A real role model."

- Alex

"You truly are a rare and awesome bird, and you couldn't have entered my life and my career at a better time."

- Jen

"I want to personally thank you Step for being my teacher- consistent ,loving, caring, critical and honest. Thank you for stepping up and out to teach me a great way to be honest in my acting, that I never will have the need to steal others moments for myself....It gives me the courage to go about my passion of acting without shame, and that by you giving of your gift, I can give mine and hopefully inspire others to do so as well."

- Jess

"Hi Step -- we were the critics and audience's choice last night! so we play tonight again and have a chance at best of the fest in February! Thanks so much for you fabulous direction at class Thursday night -- as always you really helped me understand and offer a better performance."

- Sis

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed class tonight. Your lesson was awesome. It was a great experience to do and watch. Recording both sides made it so much more effective...It was also really cool to watch each other just listen...when you feel like your only job is to listen you can stay so focused on your scene partner...I got a lot out of it. I think it was evident how much respect and support we have for each other as well."

- Erin

"...on a personal note, thank you for bringing out in me, what I never knew was there. If you asked me a year ago, how I felt about my acting I might have been cocky, but unsure a little; knowing there were a few things I was missing. I have always known that, which has kept me feeling maybe I might be in the wrong field. I needed a goal, but I wasn't sure what it was or how to achieve it. I don't really know how you do it, maybe it is your quick, honest critique, or pushing that scares the bejesus out of me and makes me kick it that extra 10 percent. But whatever it is, I can honestly say, I feel more like an actor today than I did last year. And there is no cockiness to that...I don't think I have ever worked so hard, or had such a tough time performing. So true to your class’s name, it is a workout, and I feel better for it."

- Jess

"You are a special teacher and I know that you care about your students. I recommend you all the time, every chance I get. I love the technique you teach, also. I know that it has given my performances more depth and range, and I look forward to learning more about it from you."

- Harrel

"Having a great acting coach like you and supportive classmates makes all the difference! You ROCK, Step!"

- Gay

"I have a lot of passion—sometimes in many directions. Thanks for helping me to focus it. I felt I was in a safe environment for learning, risking, and overcoming the obstacles to my work. When I get to work with people whose commitment matches or exceeds my own, I am inspired to do more. I felt fortunate to have worked with you and the class. I was surrounded by people who supported me and whom I support, so I was on a little “high” for the drive home—rainstorms notwithstanding—I had grown a little, and helped others grow, and that’s a great feeling.”

- Eric

"Thank YOU for being so blazingly awesome and generous, and for guiding us all to be swifter, higher, and stronger in the pursuit of our life's work."

- Jen

"Great class last week! i really saw and imbibed what I've been missing in the technique! You're a fantastic teacher/coach Step!!!"

- Sis

"...Speaking of which I've been wanting to tell you that I had a real epiphany the night of ("Jill's") first visit. The difference between her first performance and the second one, following a little coaching by you, was absolutely astounding. I've been convinced for some time that your methods are the answer to my appearing nervous on camera, but that night absolutely iced the cake. The warm and nurturing attitude you bring to the class makes it even more effective."

- Buzz

"I've never had a director who could pull so much out of me!"

- Mac

"Also wanted to mention how much fun it is to watch you in class. Your high energy and quick wit keeps the three hour class interesting despite it being at the end of the day. It's great to be able to laugh and learn at the same time. Hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to our next class."

- Chris


"I wanted to thank you again for putting Ayla on tape with such short notice...we really appreciate you. Also, James emailed me back and said Ayla ROCKED that audition!"

- Dawn

"I'd like to gush about Brandi's introductory class! My 14 year-old daughter, Elizabeth, has been attending the Thursday night classes with Brandi, and she has loved every minute of it. Brandi has been a terrific instructor, and Elizabeth says she's learned a lot."

- Tracy

"Just a quick note to let you know that everything here in Dallas is GREAT!!!! Mallory is doing AWESOME, and has received kudos and compliments galore. Everyone at Agora has made us feel comfortable and right at home; not only are they friendly, but very professional and take pride in their work. THANK YOU for all of your dedication and hard work.... Mallory is an example!"
"She went to an audition on Sunday. It was a dramatic scene where she had to be frustrated and upset but not mad. She did such an amazing job (I got to sit in). She had a really good feeling about the audition...On Monday she got an e-mail from the director saying “what a great job she had done and it was a tough decision between her and another actress". He said she was very professional and if the movie does get green lit he would love to find a part for her in the movie. I just wanted to let you know. It was so obvious the great influence your class has had on her...She loves your class and chose last week not to take a couple days’ vacation so that she would not miss more acting."

- Ms. P

"My husband and I can't tell you how much we appreciate you, not only as an acting coach but as an advocate for our son. He really looks up to you and has learned so much these past two years."

- Mr. & Mrs. H

"He is so anxious to return to your classes! I was not planning on continuing, but he looks forward to every Tuesday! After his July camp I shall bring him again as per his request. Karate seems to have taken back seat!... You are terrific."

- Ms. M


"We were thrilled to meet Julie at our audition for the feature film Age of Reason. We auditioned 87 women in Los Angeles and 45 in Texas. What set her apart from the rest in Texas is she was the one who carried the FILM actors’ gene; she was natural, didn't act with her body or push too big like most theater actors will. On top of that she knew her material, translated well on camera, stayed relaxed yet in the scene, and took the directors adjustments very well. The producers and directors hands down wanted her for the part. She showed up on set 15 minutes prior to her call time every day. There were a lot of big egos on this set and having someone as patient, kind, and respectful as Julie on set on set was such a relief! Nothing seemed to distract her or make her lose focus, given all the new elements; 35 person crew, equipment positioned in every direction, acting across from Lochlyn Munro, she was on top of her game and she knocked out her coverage with no problem. We are close to "picture lock" and then the film will go to sound and color and I could not be happier with how the film is turning out. Most roles in this ensemble piece were pretty even keeled as far as screen time, scene numbers, rounded importance to the story and Julies part of Gwen is just as interesting as Lochlyn and Tom Sizemore’s characters. What is great about Julie in particular is that she very much understands the organic, act-with-the-eyes, less is more mentality of film acting vs theatre, on top of that she looks great and has a bright, energetic nature that is quite refreshing! She's a good one to have in an arsenal because, like us, casting directors are relieved to find a film actress who takes direction."

- Philip Marlatt, Aristar Entertainment Group

on Keene actress Julie

"Thank you very much for sending over such talented actresses. This casting decision is one of the hardest I've had because the level of talent was through the roof this time around. Thanks again, and I hope you don't mind if I come to you again for my next project!"

-Andrew, Director of Neonatal

"SHE BOOKED IT! Huzzah! She actually booked a bigger role, that of the Hospital Administrator!"

- Acclaim Talent

"I have been acting for over twenty years. I have audited and observed some very fine coaches. I have spent my money with coaches who tell me how great I am. Step dissects me, offers implementation strategies, and encourages growth. Step is a blessing for actors."

- Tara Coet

"I have so many positive comments about Step Rowe and her techniques I don't know where to start!!! When my two daughters announced they wanted to be actors we began the trek to find the best coaches. As a result they have trained with many coaches in both Texas and Los Angeles. But all roads kept leading back to Step. She consistently challenges them to grow as actors and people. In a business that can brutally harm the self-confidence of an actor Step encourages a strong self-image. She has not only been a great source of skill development but of healthy attitudes. Both girls have consistently booked leading roles, not to mention auditions and call backs!!! My girls are both in their late teens now, they both still love the craft as much as when they started 6 years ago, and that is also largely due to the Step's influence."

- Karen Hallford, Casting Director

"You are such a great coach! The students who study with you are always such great actors."

- Local Casting Director

"Haha sooo cute! Great job on this! [Taped Audition] Very funny!"


"This Conexus technique you're teaching us... It's not only effective. It's fun, satisfying, and it encourages enlightenment. So… thanks."

"I love you, Step. You are AWESOME! Thanks so much for what you bring to the industry. Class, talent, integrity. Bless you!"

"OMG! I am having a moment. I did the entire scene with the Conexus technique! I am so freaking excited. My substitutions just made the words fall out of my head. I got chills when I realized I was at the end of the scene! I did the whole freaking thing pretty much without stopping. My objective was there and everything just freaking fell into place on the paper. Thanks! I am so excited. Wish me luck for Saturday!"

"Hi, Step. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the way you run your class. You have such a way of getting out of us what will make us better...It feels so good to feel safe when working on a scene...I have never felt uncomfortable...You are a very good teacher (and I should know after 37 years of public education!). Thank you for what you do and how you do it!"

"I am so happy to feel myself growing in this incredible work, and want you to know how much i appreciate your loving support and efforts as my coach."

"First off I want to thank you for your tutelage the past weeks. It’s mostly new for me but it is what I want to do with my life and I don’t think I could find a more knowledgeable instructor."

"I have been studying with Step for almost a year, and the progress I have made is outstanding. Step teaches with such passion and enthusiasm. Her energy is contagious. She knows how to push you and challenge you. All of my previous coaching was for theatre, and Step has been coaching me through the transition from stage to film. She is a remarkable teacher, and it is always a pleasure to work with her."

"I have been working with Step for several months now, and she is remarkable. She has a way of getting her students to bring out their deepest emotions into a scene. She has not only helped me in acting, but in life."

"Step's methods have really helped me grow not only as an actor, but as a person. Acting makes sense ever since I have been working with her"

"In Step's class I am able to work with some of the best actors in Austin and challenged to step up to a new level each week. If you are an actor and there is a class that you are thinking you want to explore, this is it!"

"I give Step the highest praises! As mother of one of her younger students, I can see the inspiration she has instilled and the tremendous talent development in my daughter as a result of her coaching capabilities. To me, a newcomer to the world of acting parent, she has been ever patient, willing to help me learn the ins and outs of fostering my daughter's ambitions. Personally, Step is a wonderful role model and I am so thankful that we found her."

"Keene Studios is THE place in Austin for young, ambitious actors to receive their full spectrum of training to succeed. Step ensures each of her students understands all topics necessary to become successful with auditions and the variety of acting styles. (film, TV, theater, commercials, etc.) Step’s style is creative and fun, but at the same time challenging. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Step… She is awesome!"

"Step is one of those coaches that you want to come across in this business. She has shown me new angles and increased my confidence. Her techniques are very understanding on a personal level because she makes you feel like she is in your corner...I truly feel honored to work with her."