Acting Coaching

A 6X8 space (or greater) is recommended.  With a dedicated space to work, Step can bring all of the necessary equipment to your home or work place.  If you have taping equipment already set up, we can utilize that.


  • After an arranged time has been booked, talent should begin work on material
  • Material can be an upcoming audition piece, or a scene from this website's library
  • Talent prepares the material as if going to an audition
  • Coach arrives and sets up equipment, if necessary
  • Host can enhance any playback by providing a TV with HDMI input (optional)
  • Coach engages talent in discussion of goals for the meet
  • Coach and talent work through material in the on-camera set up
  • Coaching can cover technical aspects of working with a camera, lighting, angles and eyelines, memorization techniques, characterization, commercial acting, series work, industrial techniques, commercial auditioning, film, working with directors, zoom callbacks and general acting
  • Coach gauges growth based on goals and suggests another session or plan for the future
  • Talent can also book with an audition and coach can guide through the entire process including submission


  • Talent doesn't have to travel
  • Wardrobe changes are a room away
  • Set up can teach how to enhance future "at home" auditions
  • One-on-one training without waiting your turn