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Stephanie "Step" Rowe

Step Rowe began acting in 6th grade - her love of creative performances already planted from a childhood filled with tap dancing and violin lessons. A painfully shy middle school student, Step found a home on stage. Thriving in the competitive UIL circuit, success grew confidence in her personal life. A child of the Air Force, Step had a chance to try her skills in several different schools from Texas to New York State.

While in New York, Step immersed herself in creative outlets, including performing with the Adirondack Youth Orchestra, area Jazz Ensemble, Guild Piano program, and summer Arts Camp. When her family learned that they would transfer to San Antonio for her final year of high school, contacts in New York suggested the University Of Texas at Austin for further creative study.

After graduating Salutatorian from her Texas high school, Step took the advice and several scholarships and spent her first 3 years at UT majoring in music. After completing the required training in piano and 100 hours of music training, Step was drawn back to her true passion, transferred to UT's School of Theatre and Dance, and earned her degree and teaching certification in Theatre. Step immediately went to work directing award winning theatre programs.

After several years in theatre, she returned to Austin to find film. While pursuing acting in film, Step began assisting one of the busiest casting directors in Texas in early 2000 and soon worked her way up to the top casting associate. While at Casting Works LA, she assisted in the casting of dozens of projects, including commercials, industrials, print and feature films. She also built an acting resume consisting of work in film, commercials, industrials, print, voice-over, and television hosting.

Step opened her acting studio, Keene Studios, shortly after leaving casting and served as head coach for over two decades. Step’s students have thrived in every obvious arm of creative business including (but not limited to) acting, speaking, writing, producing, directing, casting, coaching, broadcasting, hosting, and more.  For testimonials from former and current students, see our Testimonials page.

Step has invested her entire career in central Texas, supporting the acting community through coaching, performing with live music groups, and contributing to independent work.  Step creates projects with themes centering around growth, faith, community and family.  Collaboration with non-profits, Ministries, Veteran groups, education, student projects, and women's rescue groups is an important priority.  

Step writing includes several feature films:  "Out from Under" follows estranged friends searching for a way out after being trapped underground.  "The Spirit of the Ace" honors her father's fighter pilot career in the Air Force.  "Tribe" centers on an adopted politician's search for the true meaning of family.  "Epic Mile" documents Zack Starr's unbelievable trek 2,650 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Short films include quadruple award-winner "Hidden Places", the thriller "Tedesky", faith-based "Something Good", and more. 

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