Original Screenplays

The Spirit of the Ace

Feature • Family, Drama, Action

A young adrenaline junkie, Ronna Kay, faces the physical, mental and emotional obstacles of Undergraduate Pilot Training, while blazing her own path outside of her legendary father's career.

The Epic Mile

Documentary • Drama, Sport, Action, Biography

Veteran hikes 2,650 miles to bring a voice to servicemen and women continuing to struggle with injury and pain


Feature • Drama, Adventure

An affluent politician's son sets out to find out the truth of his unusual family history when a step towards advancing his own career uncovers the fact that he is not a US citizen and was rescued from a civil war-torn island society in the Pacific.


Short • Drama, Crime, Mystery

Fire nearly destroyed him, but it will take a spark to save him.

Something Good

Music Video • Drama

A young athlete finds peace in her decision to give up her baby for adoption.