Audition Taping

Keene Studios offers professional quality coaching and taping for auditions at our Canyon Lake location. When submitting a tape for an audition, it's important that your performance reflect the best you can do and the quality of the tape be professional. Step Rowe and our Keene Studios staff have been trained in acting, coaching, taping and editing to ensure you the best product possible. We are highly recommended by local actors, agents and casting directors and we are proud to be considered one of the top tapers in South Central Texas. 


Canyon Lake

$40 per taping

Fee includes a 30-minute session in the studio to coach and tape the audition as well as editing and emailing the final product to the agent/casting director. This fee is in reference to typical tapings. Although, if project scenes are lengthy or take more than a half hour, estimates can be given on a case by case basis. 

Please contact us for appointment availability and exact pricing. 



"Just wanted to say that Caden's audition tape is fantastic! Thank you!"

- Tory Christopher

Owner/Agent at Tory Christopher Group talent agency


"Hi Step- OMG!!! Thank you so much!! You did such a great job!! I just got a call from Emelie, Karla's partner, who couldn't stop laughing and telling me how wonderful the tapes are. She said she'll be shocked if she doesn't get a callback. You are THE BEST!!"

- Ann J. 

Parent of Peytie, a student in our Austin Tuesday Kids Class


"I wanted to thank you again for putting Ayla on tape with such short notice... we really appreciate you. Also, James emailed me back and said Ayla ROCKED that audition!"

- Dawn

Parent of former student


"Haha sooo cute! Great job on this taped audition! Very funny!"