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The work in our class begins on the page. Keene Studios' technique begins with the step "Analyze," which means to analyze the script for details and information on the character, their life and most importantly their overall objective within the scene and script as a whole. However, to "analyze" we must first have a scene to work with. Our scene library below has been curated by founder Step Rowe and students in our class. These scenes have been transcribed from existing films, television and stage productions. 

Scenes have been organized based on type and are labeled by gender of the original characters in the piece, however please do not feel limited to the genders listed. We absolutely believe most roles can be played by both males and females. To access a scene, click the scene name to view & download or print the scene. 

Students are encouraged to transcribe scenes themselves if they wish. If students have scenes they would like to contribute to our studio's scene library, please email us!