Chad Brannon

General Hospital, Friday Night Lights, Voice of The History Channel

"I've known Step a long time! Her dedication to her students and to the craft of acting is unparalleled. She is her student's greatest advocate in the entertainment industry, in life and in the classroom. She truly is an artist with creativity coming out of every pore!"




Sonia Azad

Emmy Award Winning Journalist -

ABC News

"Step saw a spark in me at a time when few others did. She invested time, effort and energy into my raw talent -- transforming my abilities into something bigger and brighter. I have her to thank, in large part, for believing in me and perhaps most importantly, helping me to believe in myself. In many ways, her guidance continues to help me in my career both as a television news reporter and a yoga instructor."



Noell Coet

Erin Farris

Liz Waters


Buzz Rahm

Kirstie Renae

Mitch Collier

Julie Dell Phillips

Jay Pennington


Andrew Cheney

Beyond The Mask, Seasons of Gray

"I studied at Keene Studios throughout most of the time in Austin and grew immensely as an actor and as a person. Step challeneged me to truly personalize the material with great specificty and it impacts my work to this day. Step has a sweet, kind spirit and a wonderful way of sharing her experience and knowledge in a way that is tailored to the individual students. She has a huge heart for her students and is well worth the investment."

Dora Madison

Friday Night Lights, Chicago Fire, Dexter

"Step Rowe is the only acting coach I've ever had. Her unique blend of Chubbuck, Meisner, and personal insight cuts to the heart of human objective in every scene. Step inspired me to be rather than perform. Without her I don't believe I would have booked my breakout role on Friday Night Lights. Step finds the humanity in every character especially the crazy ones. I'm forever grateful for her mentorship and guidance because she took a 'cute girl' and gave me the tools to become a real actress."

Zack Starr

Jessica Stone

Kylee Orlando

Mohammed Ahmed


Madison Weber

Jaqueline Leal

Barbara Williamson

Maxine Greco

Tara Jackson


Karrie Cox

Through Films Producer (Tangerine, Adult Beginners)

Step Rowe is one of those teachers you stumble upon once in a lifetime. She helped me find my true voice as an actor. Out of all my coaches here in LA, Step is still the best! She cares and has a wonderful gift of helping actors get to their creative best with the script.



Cristen Barnes

Rizzoli and Isles, Wonderful World

Step Rowe is the most passionate, supportive and qualified acting coach in Austin.  She is a proven actor, writer, director and producer so she understands all aspects of our work. Step pushed me when I was holding back and inspired me when I was doubting myself. She created a space for me to make discoveries on my own and connect with my fellow actors. If you want to work in this business, study with Step! 




Aaron Hallaway

Morgan Calhoun

Natasha Straley

Torence White

Fernando Bernstein

Robby Gunn

Dillon Betros

Reece Everett Ryan